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Dining Out Without the Weight Gain

Dining out can be stressful when you're trying to be intentional about what you eat. Here are our tips for navigating dining out with minimal stress. 

Dining out can sometimes feel like a free pass, we totally get it. That is why we are all about mindful eating habits, a simple practice of bringing awareness to our foods without judgment or feeling guilty for the calories.

We’ve put together our BEST tips and swaps for you to use the next time you’re taking out or dining in. Oh, and we made sure to make it sweet!

1. Do Your Research
Researching the menu beforehand, can be your best tool in preventing ‘hangry’ and impulsive decisions. By checking out the menu in advance, you are more likely to go for more whole food meals complete with protein, fats AND carbohydrates.

2. Order Matters
Did you know that by eating your meals in a particular order you can help prevent cravings and indulgence? Be sure to prioritize protein in your meals, eating it first, as it increase your satiety and reduce calorie intake.

3. On The Side Please
It’s easy to get lost in the sauce. Oftentimes dressings and sauces have tons of added calories, so instead of dousing it on your meal ask for it on the side. It’s a great way to be mindful, and use less than you would otherwise.

4. The Slower The Better
Our stomachs don’t have teeth, making chewing a really important part of digestion. By chewing your food thoroughly (or as some would say, until it’s liquid) you can reduce feeling bloated after meals and prevent overeating.

5. Simple Over Fancy
While alcohol itself can be calorie dense, it’s mostly all those sugary mixers that can hurt our health goals. Your best bet is choosing neat drinks over cocktails to reduce calorie intake.

6. Steer Clear of Fried
Although tempting, those fried foods are soaked in processed oils and extra calories. As much as you can, choose steamed, baked, broiled, grilled, or roasted foods over fried options.

7. Focus on The Main
Appetizers, starters and desserts can often tip us over the edge. We always recommend sharing them to lessen their impact, or skip them all together and focus on the main meal. 

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